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I’ve been thinking a lot about two words: The Script(s).

What do I mean by The Script(s): The idea that each person and organization has a pre-conceived internal “manuscript” or “multiple manuscripts” for dealing with relationships, finances, dreams, goals, death, and life. The Script(s) is also influenced by societal norms, power structures, principles of thought, and cultural understandings of success/failure.

For the majority of my clients, they fit within a Creative Class of individuals, couples, and business owners. They are frequently found patching together various thoughts, ideas, and norms to create something new, fresh, and innovative. They are “tinker-ers” of life & edgewalkers, always looking to the next horizon. They test and question the norms and default Script(s) of an economic existence.

In the financial world, I’ve been privy to a default script that is steeped in language of control. Language that is “square” or “concrete” in its communication. I call it “boxy language.” The edges are fixed, not flexible. The outcome is rigid, not dynamic. In many ways, the default script does not fit the entrepreneurs, individuals, and couples who patch together all kinds of cool ideas, resources and finances to play in the field of “Scappy Economics (SE).” (Scrappy Economics is my personally derived term for folks who fundamentally see life as a patchwork of multiple options, resources, and opportunities that can be puzzled together in infinite ways to produce something new.) From my experience, scrappiness occurs with Creative people across varying wealth levels. I have witnessed minimally resourced people pull huge rabbits out of very small hats. Conversely, I have experienced wealthy individuals who are stuck in a series of options that stifle their ability to see the amazing pattern of opportunity in their present reality. There is mystery & complexity in the land of Scrappy Economics and every one puzzles together a life in unique and various ways.

So, why is control & boxy language a problem when it comes to budgeting, financial planning, and economic forecasting?

Because it does not integrate with the non-linear, creative people that fill my weeks and stoke my innovative heart. There is a HUGE gap between the default financial Script(s) and the people who embody them. And that gap produces anxiety, shame, fear, etc.

Boxy Scripting typically sounds something like this:

1) Manage this _______

2) Budget this _______

3) Protect this ________

…because this is the responsible thing to do. (subscript)

The problem is NOT that these principles or “manuscripts” are bad or obsolete, the problem is they have become disintegrated from the individuals, couples, and business owners who operate in non-linear, energetic waves of thought, belief, and action. The invitation in this GAP is for the financial “expert” to hear, craft, and notice the details, patterns, and shifts SO that a financial plan and strategy can be uniquely crafted to close the GAP between the person and the default manuscript/operating principle.

To be human, is to be complex. To be human is to be filled or stuck in varying patterns of energy and cycles. So the manuscripts above must be large enough and flexible enough to work within the reality of life lived on life terms…which means, let’s integrate the personality, energy, and capacity of a person or organization so that the financial theories are grounded in the daily, dynamic existence of life. Let’s have a financial theory or operating manuscript that activates, motivates, and assesses personal habits, energetic activities, current existence, and future life seasons.

So, as I re-brand my services, reemerging as, (launching SOON!), I’ve packed my vocational season with reinvesting and reconnecting in what I believe. Essentially, what are my base/root values? I’ve crafted my reemerging website and branding on the idea that life is an energetic blend and that quantum physics can apply to financial guidance because it represents a way of seeing the world that acknowledges complexity, chaos, patterns, and multiple realities.
So, I say YES, Manage, Budget, Protect…AND, Blend, mix, and craft a financial and economic existence for you, your household, and your business that integrates with your life.

Pondering-Holding-150x150May you pull from what you know, trust what you see, guide what is within your reach and in your gut, and dream about what you love…. more to come this month at a new home base…