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Do you feel the Shifts in the Season?

Are there bulbs you want to plant in the ground of your life as you catch a glimpse of Spring Blooms?

Sign up for a Skype Session. 9.25.2015.(

$149. One Hour Investment. Deep Planting. Rich Blooms.

Sometimes there is a correlation with the shifts in the season and what bubbles up inside of me toward personal growth and change.  I want to eat potatoes and food from the ground.  I want to plant my feet on the earth to see what the rootedness is telling me about my next steps.  The fall season crispness anchors within me and inspires me to use the energy of dark, rich soil to develop and grow across time.

Because I work with creative people, noticing the shifts in seasons welcomes grounding and clarity for the next stage of existence.  Folks in transition look for something to anchor their reality beyond their situation.  Visionaries desire increased capacity to dream.  People coming out of survival (addiction, death, divorce) survey their financial landscape to see what’s left.  I work with people who ask questions on the edge of known realities.  I work with innovators who wonder if, “This sort of thinking – inside their head” is normal.

I don’t know about normal, but I do know about creative.  I know when the energy pulses through me because I feel alive in my work. And, I know when energy is present or absent in others.

I work with folks who create art, music, and businesses.  I work with people who look back with a mysterious pause when they are asked to document, “How they did it.”  I walk with others to pick up the bread crumbs of their existence.  The trail of dried out bread shows a bit about how they got to their present destination. Sometimes there are plans they followed, but many times, the people in my office bushwhacked a new trail and then invited others along on their journey. The path they followed was energy, a vision, a network (someone knew someone), a spirit within them that pulled them forward.

I believe in linking the mysterious ways of life with the seasons of nature because I rarely hear a linear story that crafted a creative endeavor.  Instead, I hear about suffering, toil, luck, a “break,” a glimpse, a crash, a leap. The dynamic stories of existence require grounding.  Looking (and literally standing) on the earth to see what patterns, ways of being, and future visions arise.  Planting ideas (the same time bulbs are placed in the ground) is significant because it honors a tangible representation (season of nature) with an intangible process (dream casting, vision building). We are not disconnected people.  Our lives have shapes and seasons. We are people of the earth going through cycles of existence.

I link finances and natural seasons because the human process of being on the earth…with cycles of growth and change is intricately woven into financial development, not disconnected from it.  There is an energy and a perspective that nature informs for the growth of next steps.  Don’t miss it.

I’ve set aside One day for Planting Ideas in September.  Friday, 9.25.2015.

One hour Skype Sessions.  Pre-booked and paid.  Email: to hold your slot.

Idea Planting Day – 9.25.2015 – is to acknowledge the significance of carving out time & infusing energy to establish a rooted vision for the next steps in your life.

The earth says planting bulbs in the fall is necessary for spring blooms.

I say let’s listen to the message of nature, plant ideas, and see what grows!