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I see Patterns.

I see Pain.

I see Opportunity.

All three elements: patterns, pain, and opportunity show up in money conversations.

My hope, on your behalf, is that you would see the places where there is room to shift your financial story across time.

To shift your financial story, or existence, requires reflection – whether you find yourself guiding an organization or strategically managing the future of your household economics.

Reflection is gold in a busy, frenetic societal norm.

Anytime financial movement (i.e., cash flow) is linked to the powerful stance of reflective thought, there is opportunity to leverage, shift, and change one’s current life.

Sometimes life feels stuck. It is true. Sometimes life is stuck. Sometimes life crashes on the rocky shores with health crises, death, depression, divorce, organizational funding loss, bankruptcy (or close to it), loss of hope, & other real trauma. Crashes are real.

And good, yet often, stressful realities also happen. Big proposals come through. You get the job. You leave that job. The deal gets signed around. An inheritance check arrives. A home is sold. You sign a record deal. Publish a book. Lead an organization through an IPO. You travel long term. A customer base doubles in one year. Financial growth is out of control and soaring. You adopt children. Goodness happens & options expand.

Through harsh and abundant realities, I’ve seen patterns emerge with the rebuilding, the restabilizing, and the renewal of a life or an organization.

I see finances through a quantum physics lens. Stand in the chaos and a pattern will develop. I have always seen this to be true. Always is a big claim.

The fingerprints of your financial existence have a patterned nature. This is true for individuals and organizations. And, the patterned nature is important to identify because systemic clarity allows you to place the finger on the pulse of your life so that you know what is happening.  By definition a system is, “A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.” (the free dictionary).  Your life is a complex whole.  A life system; interdependent elements with a fingerprint-like pattern. Financial systemic clarity invites a new perspective to emerge which will begin to empower you to describe where you are now (financially) in order to craft your future existence. Systemic clarity sets your sights above the clouds so that vision is increased and personal agency is fostered.

If you don’t see your life as a convergence of systems, you won’t see the patterns that emerge.  

I recommend observing your financial flow. Step back and reflect on the financial patterns that continue to be created around you.  Reflection might be the portal toward a refreshed way of living that subtly, yet powerfully puts you on a new track, across time.

Patterns. Pain. Opportunity.

These three elements are all present.

Living, Breathing, and Existing in your money story.