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Here’s the deal: Money is energy in symbolic form. The symbol carries power, emotion, stuckness, flow, and opportunity. The symbol is never still. Always moving. Constantly in motion.

I feel energy. I always have. When energy leaves the room – as it does quite frequently in financial conversations – it just walks out the door (generally silently) while the number crunchers keep crunching. It’s not that meaning can’t be derived through calculation (because it can), but the black and white, calculated, linear thinking ceases up a lot of Creative Juices and Cosmic Energy.  Since I work with the most Creative Folks in the Land, I feel SO sad when their essence is squeezed out with default financial calculations.  The innovators, healers, starters, and nomads lose out because the financial conversation lingo, form, and function often excludes their kaleidoscope-type thinking and multidimensional complexity.

So, until the end of the year 2016, I am offering a 60 minute (remote) phone session plus feedback report for $195 for a limited number of folks.

When the slots are full, I’ll wrap it up. The feedback will be written from an energetic place. I want to hear all about how you think about money. I will write about what I hear (reflection), what I see (vision), and what I’d want you to think about rounding out 2016 and starting 2017.

If this offering fits you, book a slot here:

Don’t end 2016 stuck and unconsciousness, there is a different path.

The path happens to be sprinkled with latent energy waiting to be unearthed.