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2017 has brought many opportunities to write, think, cast vision, and go deeper into the waters where I often swim: The waters where humans guide their money & finances. There is so much to digest in these places. I often leave client sessions impacted, inspired, heavy, thoughtful, and full of ideas for a future world where money conversations are led with multi-dimensional & kaleidoscope-type thinking. This means that financial conversations would:

  • Not be afraid to highlight seasons of life that are hard.
  • Celebrate the seasons of life that feel abundant.
  • Stoke the magic and mystery of financial decisions so that imagination and energy is released.
  • Plan for a future day when the goals of today would become the realities of tomorrow.
  • Pause before spending to see if the current choices line up with future values and vision.
  • Highlight the personal weight and responsibility of this current historical moment when large extensions of credit impact daily choices.
  • View monetary conversations as a communal reality and not an isolated occurrence.

These topics – and MORE – show up in online publications (outside of my often ignored blog). I don’t want you to miss out on more reading, resources, and inspiration! Here’s a quick summary of the places where my writing has recently been published.

Clementine Daily: Personal Power & Finances, An Interview: Hillary Augustine, The Economy of Caring, and Brainstorming: A Powerful Ingredient for Financial Conversations

I am thankful for the clients who trust me with their money stories. It is a sacred space that deserves and demands gentle and focused attention.

After all, aren’t we all just practicing?

Like a good yoga pose, let’s keep building out our core muscle strength (one micro-adjustment at a time) for a thoughtful and fulfilling financial existence.

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