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Hillary combines strong business acumen with an emotional intelligence that results in a thoughtful, personalized approach to financial decision-making.  She has inspired confidence, creativity, and movement for me – both personally and within my vocation.  Her boundless enthusiasm and positivity have inspired me to look beyond my self-constructed limitations.

-Zach, CPA-

I am about to embark on a journey with videos and writing to answer the inevitable and often asked question, “What do I do?” In other words, what happens to people that encounter my work, have a conversation with me, get some helpful tools, and begin to question their money mindset, their leadership, the direction of their business, etc.

Does something spark within that is set ablaze for inspiration? Do they sell everything and travel the world (sometimes!) Do they adopt children, pack up their office for a new horizon, ask uncommon questions, pivot their business, get a raise, open another business, buy a home, rent an apartment, start a non-profit, quit their job, revamp their spending, etc.

YES, yes, YES, this all happens…and MORE…deep within.  The personal shifts deep within are what really matters to me.

I assume that clients are drawn my direction in search and hope of something different and/or to find/hear what they’ve always known, but they need some “borrowed confidence” from our work to risk taking their next steps.  Financial wholeness and consciousness is hard, good work that invites folks to their next level of connection which ultimately brings about personal & professional healing.

What I do is to continue to foster a belief that intentional guidance of one’s financial existence in a sustainable, conscious fashion across time cultivates a sense of agency and personal depth.  This can bring pleasure and a solidified identity of peoples’ place in the vast, wide world of options and noise.

Here’s the promise solicited in marketing and dialogue specific to money and finances.  The financial industry (through marketing and advertising) thrives on selling the promise that all the painful realities of a life with limits, scarcity, and scary places will be eliminated.  There is an illusion that the answers (or amassing more money) will bring the ultimate freedom from an unknown life path which is fraught with twists and turns.  Just look at the symbols in financial marketing ads.  I study the elicited meaning which indoctrinates the airways all the time! Horses, pyramids, smiling people, beautiful beaches (promise of escape), big houses, updated kitchens, big/fast cars, etc. are all used to communicate that having more money links to more happiness/freedom which ultimately takes away life’s painful moments.  In these ads, Pain and uncertainty is Gone. Finished. Eternal Bliss.

I am not saying that money does not solve some necessary problems.  It does.  It can bring a psychological strength that helps with navigating personal needs and wants.  However, I am advocating that it is very important work to highlight and question the limits of what money can not provide.  And, the disconnection that money can also foster.  For example, the “carrot” of a raise that is held in some unknown future while people suffer in servitude in a job they hate, the luster of a fast/new car that shoves people up against their financial limit with necessary repairs beyond original expectations, the hope that multiple education degrees will assist in a saturated job market…and then doesn’t produce a career to meet student loan debt.  Disappointment and pain still exist.

For this reason, I offer an intentional ecosystem through my consulting for folks to brainstorm their multi-layered existence.  I invite a larger financial conversation to bubble to the surface to grow peoples’ capacity to think consciously as they guide finances intentionally.  I also give credit to the lengthy journey of self-introspection with sustainable financial healing & wholeness at its base.  This journey is more resonant to building muscle in a systematic and committed work out routine instead of taking a pill that eliminates all surface pain, but leaves the disconnected money mindset unchanged and festering beneath the surface.

All of this questioning, digging, and integration work is completed with contagious and catalytic energy and consistent feedback.

My work is an invitation.  An invitation to look at your life…and even scarier – to look into the abyss of your finances.  Patterns will emerge that will provide you with options for your next steps.  The process of self discovery is never ending and watching the way money flows is one path toward deeper self awareness, wholeness, and healing.

This…THIS connection work is what I do in a big, complex nutshell!