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Caminar is one of the spanish words meaning “to walk.”

I have been walking with people in life for decades.  I love to walk.  To take in the sights, sounds, and ground beneath my feet.

I’ve realized I intentionally set a walking pace in many areas of life.  The step-by-step momentum happens whether I am physically “covering terrain” with a walking partner OR “walking” with a client in a coaching capacity specifically focused toward: money, finances, career transitions, goal tracking, and business thought.  I am drawn to the human rhythm of the walkbecause it welcomes a new way of seeing the details of the world one step at a time.

Just like breathing, I believe walking is necessary for life to be lived.  To commit to the pace of a walk is to say, “I invite the nuggets of everyday existence to emerge by intentionally committing to a rhythm that allows particularities and specifics to be noticed.”  A natural extension of the word “commit” is to pledge or bind oneself to a particular course (source: google definition of commit).  Walking represents a commitment to covering a path, moving toward something for some particular reason, and stepping through life.

I am aware, as I write, that not everyone can physically walk with their feet.  The step-by-step, walking action, will look different to people with out the use of their legs…a whole reality that will be missing from my writing and consciousness because I experience life on foot.

As I think about integrating my love of walking and my professional experience in counseling and accounting through my Excela consultations, I am inspired to roll out my first Signature Excela Service.

Pondering, HoldingWalk with Hillary: Seven connection points to highlight the Financial Specifics along your life Path.  This signature service is limited to 10 people across an (8) to (10) week period of time.

We will schedule (3) face-to-face meetings, you will be invited to write (2) essays about your financial money path specific to an emerging theme in your life, read (1) book that connects to your financial journey in some way (you suggest it and I read with you)…& the last connection point?…I will create a summary of our time at the end, an archive or shall we say “walking stick/road map” of sorts to serve as a written guide for your continued journey.

**Email me for rates and more details about the walking**

I look forward to taking in the ground beneath our feet as we notice new and perhaps resurrect “old” details of your life, again, and again.  Let’s walk, track, and look together!