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Each Step, tracked across time, equates to hundreds of miles

The progress that comes with the Next Step is shown on the ancient Spanish Pilgrimage, the Camino, with yellow arrows and rock piles. The arrows & rock piles “tell” the walker they are moving toward their destination. Whether I’m physically walking or consulting with people/companies, I’m always looking for the path that is lined with creativity, sparkling “out of the box” options, and catalytic energy. These are significant elements for generating helpful, imagination-fueled money conversations.   

Here’s what folks are saying about the power of the Next Step:

Hillary brings clarity to stuck, dry, crusty places…where money issues seem to reside.  Her work makes budgets come alive, so that tracking is connected to meaning-making parts of life.  I find myself seeing connections and working with numbers in a freeing way.  It’s a refreshing and hopeful process. Dan Woodard, LMHC, Advocate Counseling

I brought my muddled thoughts and ideas and Hillary helped provide clarity…shaping them into goals and structuring them in a way that allowed me to see my own progress.  Essentially, together we built cairns (rock piles that mark the trail as you’re hiking) around my business and work life.  Jason Jost, LMHC, Lake Union Counseling

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