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Follow the money.

I’ve heard this phrase many times.  Money flows in channels of personal interests, power, networks, deficits, and excess.  Its channeling brings up anxiety, longing, hope, joy, ambivalence, stuckness, and release.  Sometimes the medium of money is thought about ALL the time.  Sometimes it is never considered openly and directly.  Money is a medium that is attached to the pull and sway of energy within peoples’ lives.  I speak from personal experience as I push into creative realities that introduce the questions of whether I will guide money or control money to quell inner anxiety as I seek to take dominance over it.

The guidance of money opens me up.  Guidance expands my thinking & helps me tilt my head a little higher, shoulders back, with upward anticipation of being an agent of money’s flow.  A course of direction seems to appear readily with an open bodily stance towards money.

The controlling over money flexes me forward.  Squelches my heart cavity and tenses up my shoulders.  My eyes gaze downward mirroring and instilling my contorted bodily position.  The options seem narrow and each choice is racked with tension. 

Surprisingly, these physical reactions are generally not linked directly to a specific number or bottom line of what I have or don’t have.  Instead, my responses seem to be based on an inner experience and outward positioning, the bodily tilt that I feel between lack and abundance.

So, when I am with clients in complex money conversations, I look for ways to instill energy for hatching new possibilities.  I watch for people to stand or sit upright, shifting away from a negative persona and position of lack, as they look more directly and intently at their options while imagining new solutions.  On the tactical, practical side, I bring nuggets from the business world about the “game of money” to understand why money works for some and not for others.  There is a bigger context to consider and like many industries, the game has its own language and its own culture.

Yes, pay attention to your body AND your money stream; how do they relate to your tensions and your releases as you seek to look beyond the day-to-day to a vision for guiding your money stream across time?  There is movement in everybody’s money situations.  From my experience, analyzing the course of the stream, whether it’s a trickling drop or a full-stream-ahead flow, helps to carve a new path one decision at a time.

Follow the money, Yes.  But, more importantly pay attention to money streams as it relates to your bodily energy.  The conversation between the two currencies matter as you seek to be an agent of guidance.

Questions to Ponder:

What happens in your body when you think about money? Are you aware of your physical response? Would you characterize it as more open or closed? And how does that inform your larger awareness or even actions where money is concerned?