Hillary brings clarity to stuck, dry, crusty places…where money issues seem to reside.  Her work makes budgets come alive, so that tracking is connected to meaning-making parts of life. I find myself seeing connections and working with numbers in a freeing way.  It’s a refreshing and hopeful process.

Dan Woodard

LMHC, Advocate Counseling, www.advocatecounseling.com

Hillary provides a holistic view where most service professionals have a narrow view based on their experience and function. As Hillary served OneAccord, she was client facing understood business objectives and provided financial advisory service.

Jeff Rogers

Chairman and CEO, OneAccord, www.oneaccordpartners.com

We met with Hillary hoping to better understand the layered connections between our money, values, hopes and dreams. And that is exactly what happened. Hillary met us where we were and took us further than we could have gone ourselves.  Money can be complicated and loaded. Hillary held our boundaries loosely enough to challenge and firmly enough to provide safety. I found it helpful how she organized and delivered her insight and feedback. She worked directly with what we brought and then expanded our thinking and imagination. She was able to help us “put legs” to our dreams and develop a workable and doable game plan.  Our time with Hillary was not only motivating and inspiring, but a lot of fun!

J & P

Funky, fun, hard workin' couple

Working with Hillary was so refreshing! In a world where most people are trying to sell you something, Hillary’s only intent is to help you get to where you want to go financially. Not only does she have a firm grasp on financials, but her insights on issues and opportunities are incredible.

Andrea Olson

A Multitude of Things, www.amultitudeofthings.com

Hillary brings unmatched energy to every consulting session we have, and she has offered innovative strategies to help my legal practice not only grow, but also thrive. She helped empower me to effect the change I wanted to see in my career. She is excellent with numbers; her creative accounting brain is such an asset! Hillary is wonderful, and I would highly recommend her consulting services.

Ali Keller

Attorney , Holman Cahill Garrett Ives Oliver & Andersen PLLC, www.holmancahill.com

I hatched business plans, thanks to the energy and expertise of Hillary. It’s like she has the energy-starter kit and I tapped into it. If you are an entrepreneur or own a business and need to talk about innovation, $$$, and your career path…she is where it is at. She has degrees in both counseling and finance, and offers something pretty amazing to her clients.

Kimberly George

PhD Student, Writing Coach, and Social Justice Educator. www.kimberlybgeorge.com

Hillary and the whiteboard is an amazing experience.

Elizabeth Dominicci

President, Innovatively Organized, www.innovativelyorganized.com

Any financial advice I have heard has inevitably emphasized control. In contrast, Hillary’s approach helped me break from the rigid nature of control, fostering the integration of money and my desires. With spirited financial intellect and compassionate understanding, she helped open me up to work with my finances and create the life I want, enhancing my dreams rather than closing off possibilities.

Erica Ewart

LMHCA, Erica Ewart Counseling, LLC, www.ericaewartcounseling.com

My consulting experience was incredible. Hillary’s energy, probing questions and wise feedback led me to unpack both my stressors around finances and strategies for the future.

Dr. Lynne Ellis-Gray

Speaker, Life Coach, and Pastor

Hillary has the uncanny and unlimited ability to bring enthusiasm to everything she does and everyone she’s with. She successfully combines high degrees of ingenuity with business acumen. She stunningly takes elusive ideas and turns them into concrete strategy.

Ronna Detrick


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