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For years the observation theory, put forth by the field of quantum physics, has fascinated me.  It is mind boggling to contemplate the theory that an electron acts like a particle if observed and a wave with out observation.  I admittedly do NOT understand all the science behind the well documented outcome.  After reading many, many articles my mind circles around the idea that this could… NO, i will say, this appears & feels deeply true:

Observation affects reality.

For something to “make sense,” and have elements of “truth,” there needs to be a thread of connection to my life.  The observation theory strongly connnects to what I have experienced personally, with clients, and with organizations across a couple decades of money-focused, currency related conversations.  When I say “currency,” I mean something given and taken, with commonplace acceptance and representative societal value.

My internal resonation says, YES, to the theory that the pattern of an observed electron changes.  If I substitute the word electron for the word money, I also say, YES, to the idea that the observation of money changes its pattern too; money’s energy, money’s short-term course, and money’s long-term trajectory are all affected.  I would also add, change occurs through intentional observation.  Primarily, I have experienced the most pronounced shifts when a person or organization commits to a period of focused time to gain understanding, to look, and to ask those deep questions (mostly fear-based questions)…of their past, their present, and their future related to complex money patterns and varied financial dynamics.

Observing one’s life in the money realms, just like one does of a freshly-birthed baby, a jaw dropping act of kindness, a beautiful sunset, or a vintage bottle of wine…IS. LIFE. CHANGING.

If IT.IS.TIME. to apply the observation “theory” to your financial landscape, set up an Excela consultation (!  I’d be delighted to work with you…as we affect your reality,

Grateful to be in this work,…Hillary