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“Hillary combines strong business acumen with an emotional intelligence that results in a thoughtful, personalized approach to financial decision-making.  She has inspired confidence, creativity, and movement for me – both personally and within my vocation.  Her boundless enthusiasm and positivity have inspired me to look beyond my self-constructed limitations.” – Zach, CPA – 


Not always, but many times, there is so much resistance.

I feel it in the initial communication. The email comes across my screen and I read, “I need to meet with you about my finances.  Somebody told me about your work.” OR, “My organization is shaky and feeling unsettled. Would you help me?”

I know these emails are filled with stories. Stories of pain. Stories of victory. Stories of life.

For me, finances are meant to be consistently engaged. Since there is a constantness about their daily presence, it is helpful to build a meaningful ritual with their engagement. They pulse through one’s life or one’s organization multiple times per day. Balances are always shifting. The financial landscape is never the same.  Meaning, new perspectives can continually be gained.

Finances effect every area of life, including health and well being. Depending on one’s mindset about finances, there is either a deprived state of insatiable hunger or a plump feeling of abundance. And, generally the states of being ping pong like a rubber band tied to a door. Grow quickly, really fast, and the state of being will spring back to the original starting point, or digress even further. The comfortable equilibrium will be maintained. The well worn path will turn into a deep trench.

So, when I receive an email about meeting with me, I feel all sorts of emotions because I know there is a lot between crafting the emailing and hitting send. There is so much between the lines of the text that actually hit the page.

My work – with you or your organization – is to get between the lines. Financial Consciousness is work that is designed to look AT the numbers so that we can get UNDERNEATH the numbers to see/identify what is driving and producing the overall picture.

It is forensic work. It is reflective work. And, if finances are engaged with consistent rhythm for a season of time, it is rewarding work. The flow of money shifts. New pathways are created. And, a fresh future is crafted.

I LOVE being a witness to organizations and individuals who are climbing above survival mode to the land of strategy and vision. There ARE new pathways to foster settledness, ease, and vision.

My hope is that you would take the journey. Have a new experience with your numbers. It is yours for the taking.

Look at your Finances. See your Life.