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Grandes cambios se producen con pequenos detalles!

Large Changes Occur with Small Details! 

I believe the phrase above with all my heart. It’s what the green, chalkboard sign said – hanging in front of a small ‘cart on wheels,” positioned perfectly along the El Camino De Santiago. The hand written sign came with a warm, friendly smile emanating from a guy named, David.  David believed that his ‘Whole Foods on wheels’ as I called it, helped the weary walker that craved the almond butter, hummus, and fresh fruit he offered. David was right.  The seemingly small act of feeding the hungry, created huge changes in my heart & my energy…I was carried for miles down the trail as I journeyed onward with a satisfied stomach and fulfilled spirit.

I ate from the cart and watched David transform the weary walker with a hug, some food, and a vision.

From my experience, it is hard to see a new way by myself and without physical movement. Because I have introverted tendencies, it’s not as if revelations, inklings, and new visions don’t occur in the “by myself” moments, it’s just that my shift in perspective is generally ignited through engagement with another person (or group of people).  I also find that shifting locations (i.e., traveling & moving) – awakens a new, fresh perspective that is only siphoned to the surface of my consciousness when I step into the colliding energies of various places, people, and cultures. For me, the small details of life become visible as “my slow hunches” interact with other peoples’ “slow hunches” to create a bigger or “new” hunch. I draw the idea of colliding hunches from Steven Johnson’s video and book, “Where Do Good Ideas Come From.”

I believe that Excela Consulting is creating large changes with small details.  I walk alongside the creative, innovative folks who come through my door day in and day out.  Our energies, ideas, and thoughts collide.  We leave Excela Sessions with bigger imaginations for the next steps.  The moments of clarity, infusion of energy, and connections of ‘small, subtle’ details rise to the surface as we engage the hard to see, murky, places of money and finances.

The words of clients help me remember how large changes occur through the intersection of small details.


“We met with Hillary hoping to better understand the layered connections between our money, values, hopes and dreams. And that is exactly what happened. Hillary met us where we were and took us further than we could have gone ourselves.  Money can be complicated and loaded. Hillary held our boundaries loosely enough to challenge and firmly enough to provide safety. I found it helpful how she organized and delivered her insight and feedback. She worked directly with what we brought and then expanded our thinking and imagination. She was able to help us “put legs” to our dreams and develop a workable and doable game plan.  Our time with Hillary was not only motivating and inspiring, but a lot of fun!”

A funky, creative, hard-workin’ couple (J & P)


I invite you to make your Excela Appointment today: Email Hillary ( and Take The First Step with Excela Services.  The first ‘small’ step is huge!