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This week has been full with Excela Consultations.

I often envision myself in Toe Shoes as I sit with my clients.  I envision nimble ways we can move together along their life path, feeling the earth beneath our feet, while we forge NEW pathways around their money and finances with brainstorming and focused energy.

My week has been full of stories and encounters with clients who are:

• Stuck in their own thoughts.
• Stifled in their own beliefs.
• Frustrated with their own personal limits.

So, we did what I feel is needed.  We put on our “Toe Shoes” (well not literally) – but metaphorically – to intentionally feel our way through the terrain of their finances while conjuring up energy and motion at each moment.


My clients are people who need to see NEW ways, NEW markers, and NEW visions for themselves.

They are cultural creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, CEO’s of their companies and their lives. They are people who are continually crafting multiple income streams while attempting to keep it all afloat; people who are are going through major economic shifts in family deaths, divorce, or marriage; and people who need FRESH eyes and mega-energy to negotiate contracts, future work agreements, and cash flow.

These are busy people living life one day, one month, and one year at a time.

& They need FRESH vision and NIMBLE thinking.

They are people that realize – for a moment – that their life has an economic component.

The economic component has an economic self that is running on auto-pilot without them.

The economic self is carving a course without their input, energy, and guidance.


I sit in my office when “these clients” finish their sessions and feel the vibrating pulse of energy.

My clients feel the pulsing energy too.

The popping vibrations that happen when new ideas hit against old pathways and magic ignites.

The economic self is kicked out of auto-pilot and given commands, guidance, and goals.

For the first time, in a long time, my clients take the driver’s seat.

In the moments of inspiration and awe, I wonder – AGAIN – for the millionth time about WHY the financial industry has been devoid of brainstorming, freshness, and innovation.  The financial industry – in general – is results driven and response based.  The expert tells you what to do.  ”Here’s what I need for your tax return.”  ”Please provide these documents for your auto loan.”  ”Could you send me this for your mortgage refinance.”  ”I need this document for your financial aid.”

I say to my clients.





All of these moments impact your economic self now and in the future.


So, I end my week content and excited.  I LOVE providing energy and vision to peoples’ economic selves.

Does your economic self need FRESH vision and NIMBLE thinking?  

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