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Five Years Ago, I finished reading Dream.Save.Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers Like You.  I wrote the words below and have since recommended this book to countless people as a way to think about rallying their financial path around a compelling goal.  I am convinced that a strong desire, or future dream, is one of the best motivators for consistent and forceful money management. When you guide time, money, and energy, you bend reality toward a future vision. This is powerful inner agency work that impacts all areas of life.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00049]I finished 2011 reading Dream. Save. Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers. I highly recommend this book as a frame & tool for financial guidance.  It is helpful & necessary to tap into an adventurous metaphor (like traveling) to accomplish money goals.  Betsy & Warren Talbot write about changing life habits and guiding their finances from the perspective of their personal travel goals; while, they continually tap into the deeper human desire of DREAMING.  Victor Hugo sums up the essence of their experiences:

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

I believe all of life is a traveling journey. So whether you are ACTUALLY packing a suitcase for a far away adventure or staying put to guide money for a totally different goal, it is all about focus and action in the daily walk of life (i.e., intentional momentum, step-by-step)

Use Dream. Save. Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers as your “walking stick” to anchor you when the path gets rocky.  It will be a good guide.  Also, combine your reading with a personalized consulting service to receive a catalytic, supportive start.  Take the first step.  It’s the best place to start.