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I am in the midst of so much creativity right now.  Excela (soon to be Hillary is being re-branded, re-packaged, re-born (essentially).  There is a video being created in the midst of all this, to bring my services more front and center; and yet, my creativity, my words, my next steps, seem somewhat stuck – in me – not able to come out.

So, I begin where I tell myself and others to begin.

I start to MOVE.  ”JUST DO THE NEXT THING,” I say.

  • I sit down.
  • I start typing.
  • I see what happens.
  • Right here- on this page.

My mind makes leaps through the past three months across the many moons and years of conversations in the money realms.  I’ve been able to consult with very inspiring people who are creating their craft & honing their work in the world.  I’ve heard individual and collective themes, patterns, and thoughts.  Through all of these sessions, I’ve started to re-commit myself (again) to the core values that continue to fuel me.

As a reminder, my graduate training and experience is a mixture of counseling, accounting, traveling, and bartending (Yes, bartending is key to my consulting!).  In essence, my left brain and right brain are always trying to be dance partners. To talk to one another.  To converse.  I believe that non-linear, complex thinking welcomes new and fresh ideas which produces innovative results.  Most of my clients want something different from the industry norm (which IS changing  As one client said, “I don’t want the black suit, polished wealth manager, on the 50th floor of a beautiful, downtown tower.” “Well, that’s good,” I thought…all my suits went out the door years ago (O.K., maybe I kept one suit, maybe?).  I’m not stating the default scene – black, suited wealth manager – isn’t helpful, it’s just that people are craving new, innovative models based on my experiences.

“Open wide the gates of integrated understanding to the complexity of life and all it’s many dynamic decision making models,” I say!

So, I will continue to explore and infuse energy, life, and courage with clients who range from individuals seeking an enhanced sense of clarity and vision with their income & expense palette to the CEO/Owner Principal/Entrepreneur in need of “new juice” and a fresh perspective for the financial ecosystem of their company.  New corners of opportunity and strokes of insight occur multiple times throughout the day.  The secret is that one’s head is tilted up just enough to see how the next opportunity/decision effects the larger pattern of their financial life.  Most of life is being ready for those “chance” encounters that we can’t quite see yet – but, perhaps we sense.

I love engaging in work that is inviting folks to pause – just long enough – to see life on the tilt – from a different angle.  To become aware of the patterns that are highlighted so that thinking and behaving shifts toward an increased level of integration & flow.

Details Matter.  Patterns Emerge.  Finances Shift.  


(not here YET, but almost!)