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Establishing a financial routine or ritual takes time, consistency, and willingness to engage the details and patterns of your complex financial life.

My core belief is that the ecosystem of a financial life is personally based in humans (who are inherently complex!) Humans with emotions, feelings, attachments, longings and dreams.  Therefore, there is a subject or subjects (a person, people/couple, or business) behind each and every varied financial scenario.

When the subject (i.e., business owners, couples, individuals) consult with me, I am continually looking for the unique fingerprint of their life (i.e., the intersection of their life season, desires, choices, longings, personal/systemic power, etc.), while also distilling applicable financial industry wisdom that may or may not be helpful along their Way.

Identifying emerging patterns (or the fingerprint) of one’s life, while committing to ritualistic acts is a powerful combination (i.e., tracking debt reduction, rebuilding a financial life post death or divorce, guiding money towards a specific category, re-establishing household roles for money management, planning to fund a future dream, leveraging risk, supporting an organization/non-profit, redistributing personal monetary power through gifting, and the list goes on…).

It is not normal during the holiday season to step away from the inherent chaos and increased complexity of choices to gain a new financial perspective.

However, the end of a calendar year welcomes a sense of reflection to the past and vision toward the future.

In this season, I invite you to:

  • Think about where you are now and where you’d like to go financially
  • Peek your head up from the busyness of the season
  • Pause long enough to look around at the patterns of your existence
  • Identify the path of twists and turns
  • Wonder how you might guide the financial flow of your life…one seemingly subtle change at a time.

I offer consulting with a ritualistic rhythm, to foster and invite a different perspective for yourself, your household, your business, and your life…