I created these cards to assist people in activating their multidimensional heart and mind. I noticed that multiple options in any given situation are often eliminated because of fear, anxiety, societal patterning, family of origin habits, default ways of thinking, etc. The reasons behind tunnel vision or lower vibrational decision making are numerous and complex. Because my greatest joy and gift in life is to infuse fresh energy and new perspectives into every day decision making, I often feel stuck and vibrationally dull when I can’t guide folks in their best, most brilliant version of their multidimensional selves.

I kept looking for a tool to activate new pathways for fresh thinking.

Voilà the Currency Cards™ were born!

Time, Money, Energy, and Space are spent, used, and guided with every decision of our human existence. What comes to mind when you think of these four currencies pulsing through your life?  Where do you only focus on one currency, but ignore the others? If you believe life is an infinite blend of colorful options – like a kaleidoscope – the Currency Cards™ will show you so many variations and innovative ways to navigate your life.

Are you Ready to Play?

Let’s Shuffle the Deck!

Hillary’s brilliance around money is a given, but her Currency Cards™ take the experience of all that she sees and understands to a whole new level. In one sitting, one “shuffle of the deck,” my entire vision of and perspective on currency shifted; MY currency – which is so much more than money itself. She is a force to be reckoned with, to be sure. These cards? They offer an exponential and infinite “take home” of that force on my behalf.

Ronna Detrick