120 Minute – Core Money Class

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hillary@hillaryaugustine.com for future classes.

Seattle Location: Hillary’s Office

$55 per person with pre-purchased Eventbrite ticket

$65 per person Drop-In Rate (If Sold out, ticket status will be posted here).

Money on the Mat – Will you need a Yoga Mat for Class? NO MAT. Bring an open (Yoga-esc) mindset for exploring your limiting money beliefs. 

This two hour (120 minute) class is designed to offer an affordable option for asking the meaningful, and significant questions that arise with your finances. The class is tailored to move quick while going deep.  Dip your toe into your financial stream for the 1st time or for the 100th time to revisit what’s going on with your numbers, your time, and your energy in this specific season of your life.  Hillary will teach from an overarching awareness of financial patterns and trends so that you can ask yourself the internal questions that shed light and bring clarity to your financial life.  Hillary believes education and conversation is key to helping individuals – who are bombarded everyday with thousands of financial decisions – to feel a sense of agency and power.

To combat the societal shame, fear, and apathy that attaches itself to money, let’s gather in a space where anything is possible, build our core strength, and learn together.

You will be invited to:

  • Increase your awareness surrounding your money assumptions
  • Guide your Time, Money, and Energy to align with your values
  • Implement a life of Conscious Calculation
  • Identify Dreams and Desires that pull you toward action

Two Hour – Money Mindset Workshop

9.30.2017: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Seattle Location: Hillary’s Office 

$45 per person for Northwest Alliance Members

$55 per person for Non- Northwest Alliance Members

Money conversations are loaded with emotions, thoughts, feelings, and opportunity. This two hour workshop will combine the intuitive with the practical. 

You will learn to dig deep into your own money assumptions to build your core knowledge and strength for yourself and your clients. Each participant will be taught innovative ways to think through your beliefs, your attitudes, and your values, in order to identify how money conversations (or the lack thereof) show up in your therapy practice. You will also understand the magic, mystery, and subjective nature of money conversations as you seek to operate outside a black and white linear process. A money mindset that blends the practical and intuitive is necessary to navigate the anxiety, fear, shame, and guilt circling around every money conversation. In healing oriented environments, financial conversations can be tricky. They are multi-layered, represent a piece of the transactional exchange (service for hire), and immediately incite ancient stories and emotions.

The Money Mindset Workshop is designed to provide a cohesive framework for navigating money conversations. This workshop will be geared toward therapists with valuable content for life coaches, spiritual directors, pastors, and social workers. 

You will learn to:

  • Understand societal patterns that impact money conversations
  • Identify your default money mindset
  • Know your areas of vulnerability and strength
  • Shift your future conversations
  • Implement new ways to have financial conversations with yourself and with your clients
It has been a pleasure working with Hillary. I appreciate her warm heart, spunk, and passion. She helped me unlock my own passion for things that I had neglected in my business, and she guided me through the challenging journey of starting your own business. Hillary boosted my confidence and always knew how to ask the right questions to get me excited about my dreams. She will fuel you with amazing energy and positivity. This energy has since stayed with me and continues to drive me in my business on a daily basis. I highly recommend her! Hilary Paris

Owner, Hilary Paris Fitness & Wellness

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