September Planting Day: 9.25.2015

Do you feel the Shifts in the Season?

Are there bulbs you want to plant in the ground of your life as you catch a glimpse of your life path months out in the Spring? YES?

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The Dynamic Duo – Achievement & Alignment

The goal becomes the point. I see it all the time. If I just get HERE, then I’ll be o.k. Well, what happens when the HERE is actually HERE, present, in front of you? You’ve chunked off THE GOAL and now – guess what – there’s another goal. Another shift. Another chasing of an additional dream, desire, and plan.

What do I do? That is the question!

I am about to embark on a journey with videos and writing to answer the inevitable and often asked question, “What do I do?” In other words, what happens to people that encounter my work, have a conversation with me, get some helpful tools, and begin to question their money mindset, their leadership, the direction of their business, etc.

Looking & Listening to See…

There are a lot of books about business, money management, long term strategies, short term gains, economics, etc.
So, why, oh why do I stay in an industry saturated with advice and noise?

Do you have Rituals?

Establishing a financial routine or ritual takes time, consistency, and willingness to engage the details of your financial life to see what patterns emerge with in the complexity.


Activate: Activate is the word that continues to enter my mind as I think of movement in the intersections of money, meaning, and life seasons. The power of activation is a word/concept that is rarely considered in the realms of financial forecasting, vision, and planning.

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