2017 has brought many opportunities to write, think, cast vision, and go deeper into the waters where I often swim: The waters where humans guide their money & finances. There is so much to digest in these waters. Read more…

December 2016: Unearth Latent Energy!

Here’s the deal: Money is energy in symbolic form. The symbol carries power, emotion, stuckness, flow, and opportunity. The symbol is never still. Always moving. Constantly in motion. I feel energy. I always have.

Look at your Finances. See your Life.

Not always, but many times, there is so much resistance.

I feel it in the initial communication. The email comes across my screen and I read, “I need to meet with you about my finances. Somebody told me about your work.” OR, “My organization is shaky and feeling unsettled. Would you help me?”

I know these emails are filled with stories. Stories of pain. Stories of victory. Stories of life. Read more…

Dream, Save, Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers Like You!

Five Years Ago, I finished reading Dream.Save.Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers Like You. I wrote the words below and have since recommended this book to countless people as a way to think about rallying their financial path around a compelling goal. I am convinced that a strong desire, or future dream, is one of the best motivators for consistent and forceful money management. Read More…

What is Financial Alignment?

Financial alignment recognizes that life gets out of whack and needs a good adjustment to course correct. Just like the human body which needs continual care and feeding to operate well, finances also need rhythmic and consistent adjustment to function with wholeness and sustainability.

Patterns. Pain. Opportunity.

I see Patterns. I see Pain. I see Opportunity. All three elements: patterns, pain, and opportunity show up in money conversations. My hope, on your behalf, is that you would see the places where there is room to shift your financial existence across time. Read more…

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