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The words Ebb & Flow remind me of nature.  Nature is dynamic.  Always moving.  Forever changing.


– And so it is with people

– And so it is with the tidelands

– And so it is with the entrepreneur

The past 15 years, I have worked alongside the entrepreneur/owner (founder) in the capacity of coach, operations director, accounting associate, and chief financial officer.  My other hats include property manager, real estate investor, business owner, and hopeful bartender (to name just a few).

Today, I remember a piece of my life path.  And when I reflect, I realize that as my job description has become more elusive, my life has invited deeper richness and creativity.

In fact, the more my life journey emerges from my daily work, the harder it is to answer, “Did you work today?”   I hear myself saying, “Ahhh, yes I think so, but what did I do?

The time passes, milestones get checked off, and ALL the while I am growing, learning, changing and innovating.  The lack of a specific job description culminating in the inability to say in three sentences or less what I DO for a living has opened me up to SEE opportunities appear before my eyes.  Each day represents another series of moments that could collide to change the very course of what I think I “DO.”

I’ve come to realize one very important aspect of an entrepreneur’s journey and of my Excela work:  I live to ignite and fan the seed of entrepreneurial imagination while honoring the ebb and flow, dynamic nature of such an existence.  My work is really about seeing and catalyzing energy.  My work lies in the sweet spot and intersection of tracking, measurement, and goal setting while being open to shifts and turns that are invited by a stoked imagination.


As Mark Twain said, ” You can’t depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out of focus.”  Ebb and flow are two companions that invite seeing with your imagination – so that the measurement and tracking is meaningful.

Are you accepting and seeing the dynamic, imaginative nature of your entrepreneurial journey? Ebb and Flow will remind you to do so.