Structures of Power | Stories of Women

A Series of Dramatic Presentations

Organized Religion: Women Speak, unedited and unrehearsed

Premiere Performance, debuted in Seattle!

September 9, 2012
4:30pm – 6:00pm

The words “what’s next” have been voiced from the audience.  The raw emotions were shown on faces and through conversations post-play.  We felt the rawness.  We are thinking.  We are letting the essence of the night percolate as we individually and collectively create forward.

For now, the blog forum is opened under “simply share” with an extra head nod to our sponsors…including those who volunteered their time and resources to bring the fullness of this performance to life.  Again, we say thank you!



Stories are a powerful tool to expand imagination and desire for what is possible.  In a world where some organized religious structures bind many women and men to a narrow path and a suffocating, isolated existence, there is a need for oral stories to be told.
A monologue based play.  Four women.  Four Stools.  Four microphones.

Telling their truth, ON stage about themes and stories related to organized religion.  Come hear what has been created out of places of silence.  You will hear pathways of choice and freedom that resonate from these women as they retell and recount stories that were meant to have the opposite effect on their voice, presence, and agency.

5510 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
To analyze who is in power and how the collective “they” operates is to start to see systems of human relating.  Some human systems free, liberate, and unchain the enslaved.  Other systems silence, shun, and oppress.  If this play invites people to think about how some organized religious structures operate to silence while claiming stake to the Truth (capital “T”), then I have been “successful.

The broad term “organized religion” is meant to draw the audience towards a critical wondering about the the repeated themes in systems that espouse a belief in God or Deity.  I am thankful to bloggers and people and many women! …that have journeyed for centuries with this topic tied to their activists’ hearts.  I now take my turn, on the stage, to speak from my own story which has moved me to find a boat load of other stories along the many Ways.

Hillary Augustine

I am a fearless advocate to many… something I never had. I consider my life quintessential proof that anything is possible. Child abuse, domestic violence and eventual victory over the devastating consequences of organized religion’s witch-hunt strategy to destroy me have galvanized a message of hope, strength and triumph over adversity. It’s palpable.

My motivation and creed: “What I’ve done wrong is eternally forgiven. What I’ve done right has the potential for generational healing and achievement. It is the profound consequences of what I’m supposed to do – and have not yet -that tenaciously compels me forward.

Sherí Taber

The only thing that has saved my faith, and even me, has been the stories of women. Those who have journeyed before me – sacred narratives that I love; those who have walked alongside me – listening, speaking, weeping, laughing, being.

To co-create with these three women, to hear their stories, and to journey with them on stage is sacred privilege and miracle; the complete antithesis of organized religion; rather, grace. I can’t wait.

Ronna Detrick

I feel so much ache around faith, the church and the life stories we each journey with. I believe that we save each other every single day and doing this project with these women is saving me. Telling our stories invites others to reflect upon their stories and to find the connections, curiosity, grace and a welcoming presence.

I am grateful to be a part of something that rocks and shakes us from our bellies, causes lines on our faces and puts breath in our lungs.

Lori Dreier